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James Victore


OK, this guy is intense. He’s a connector, a motivator, a flame under your ass, he’s like an alarm clock ringing in your ears. He’s an inspirational speaker. He makes me uncomfortable, yet like I know him. He makes me want to make crazy things, remember what I first fell in love with art for, and see the infinite possibilities that art and design present to us all, if we choose to take them. He is like idealism and realism smashed together. He has dinner parties. He wants to make you love your job. He will write on a plate. MoMA wrote his mom a letter. He will give you advice.

At the very least, watch this video, get fired up and think about the possibilities that life presents. Why not? Life’s short.

quoted in the video above:

"To give anything less than your gift is to sacrifice it."


so go get on it. life isn’t waiting.

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    Love seeing all of the good stuff you all are researching and writing about! GOOD JOB!
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    I agree with Alie, watch this video. Also his book is in the green room. It’s hard cover and the pages are black instead...
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